सो गया जग सारा,
वर्ग सारा सो गया,
अध्यापिका पढ़ा गई,
कक्षा हीं सारी सो गई |

प्रबंधन की शाला में,
बालको का ध्यान बाला में,
मनमुग्ध करने की कला में,
हर विद्यार्थी खो गए |

हाजिरी की इंतज़ार हुई,
बातें कुछ दो चार हुई,
शिक्षक की डांट बेकार हुई,
यह पहर भी पार हुई|


Clearly John Nash was way ahead of his time… Schizophrenic, but super smart.. Respect!

Turing's Invisible Hand

The National Security Agency (NSA) has recently declassified an amazing letter that John Nash sent to it in 1955.  It seems that around the year 1950 Nash tried to interest some US security organs (the NSA itself was only formally formed only in 1952) in an encryption machine of his design, but they did not seem to be interested.  It is not clear whether some of his material was lost, whether they ignored him as a theoretical professor, or — who knows — used some of his stuff but did not tell him.  In this hand-written letter sent by John Nash to the NSA in 1955, he tries to give a higher-level point of view supporting his design:

In this letter I make some remarks on a general principle relevant to enciphering in general and to my machine in particular.

He tries to make sure that he will…

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Now here is something that a programmer would have come across sometime or the other. Let us say you have a table where more than one columns make up the primary key and you need to find out all those rows which have two of these columns (attributes) same but the third attribute is different. You can do this using a simple join like this


Finished installing Avast 5.0 (uninstalled 4.8 and then installed 5.0. No direct update available)

The latest version (5.0) sports a brand new UI, light engine, Intel i5 and i7 core optimizations for optimum performance, faster service start times for Vista and Win 7, NO SKINS and FEMALE voice over and sounds. The voice overs also have changed (The infamous “A virus has been detected” has been changed to “A threat has been detected” and the hysteric siren in the background is no more)

However, it reports a number of false positives, ex: If you are using Realtek AC97 on board sound card (if you are using P4 Intel 845/865 chipset, yes you have this) then your sound manager was most likely detected as malware and put into chest. (hopefully it will be corrected by next update).

Note that your Avast 4.8 registration key is valid for Avast 5.0

My take: Please continue to use Avast 4.8 for sometime and then migrate to Avast 5.0

Messiah fiction

So a friend quoted the other day, “The real danger is not that computers will begin to think like men , but that men will begin to think like computers.”

Really? You know what, so many things in life will be simplified if latter happens… Each person will know for sure not only what he or she wants, but also, what the other person wants. People will articulate much more clearly and unambiguously. It would be much more easier to understand and to be understood.Who knows, one might even find the answer to the question which has always trouble all men, “what women want”. All this because there wont be any shades of grey.. only binary logic. only bits, no qubits (quantum bits)..

Also, pscyhiatrists and family counsellors will lose their jobs.

The world…, however, it will be tricky to draft a set of rules saying what is correct and what is not (basically some group has to draft this), and more tricky to balance the political situation, you can get a majority on anyside and the power will shift to that side. Non-alignment doesn’t work anymore. You have to have a stance and be prepared for consequences. A war can break out anytime in such a world.

To think of it, as personal lives will become simpler and better, humanity will come on a brink of apocalypse. Will the machines save us if this happens? or will they decide to exterminate us? Who will be a messiah in such times? A man, a humanoid, or a machine?

Hey check out the latest bug I found on Windows 7. Wondering how many of you noticed it. So here’s how you check its presence:

1. Search for a song in your library in WMP12. Dont type in the entire name, but only a few words so that more than one results are returned.

2. Select anyone song randomly from middle of list and play it.

3. Now drag this song to the top of your Now Playing list and Voila.

You will see that the time duration stamp of the top song in the list is changed to the time duration of this song which is playing. The time duration stamp will change only when this song starts playing.

Why haven’t you posted recently on your blog? Why have you stopped writing? I have often been asked these questions in the last few months. The truth is I’ve never meant to stop posting. It’s just that I’ve been busy with a lot of things since I lasted posted. During these days, my heart leapt at lot of topics. I wrote many a draft and discarded them, as I just didn’t find time to finish and by the time I did, something else more interesting caught my attention.

So that is how this post took its shape. Rather than writing about what was the latest thing on my radar, I am writing about the various roles that I have played, simultaneously, in the last couple of months. That I enjoyed all of them is no overstatement. I have a regular job. I work as a developer in a mobile firm and my work involves me in conceptualizing and implementing new offerings on a humble hand held device. One of the most rewarding moments came when my work helped us to seal the deal with a major Fortune 50 company. That this is of major strategic advantage to us is implicit.

I also started teaching at my college along with my regular job at the mobile firm. The enthusiasm and energy of the pupils continuously boosts my confidence and acts as a motivating force. These are some of the finest pupils of the current junior year at the department of computer science in the college where I teach and I’m glad I’m teaching them.

A few months back, I experienced the joy of becoming an uncle. My niece, she is the most beautiful and cutest baby ever. The little bundle of joy suddenly made me feel much more responsible towards my family. I’ve a little brother, five years old. He adores me and wants to follow me in my footsteps. Around the big Indian festival of Diwali, I ended up being a fatherly figure to him. My little cousin bonded so closely with me, it redefined our relationship.

During this period, I also visited a number of places around the Cauvery river bank including some spectacular waterfalls. I went on a mini-trek and boated in the river. It was an eventful quarter of the year during which I wrote about a lot of topics and erased them all. Nonetheless, one of the most satisfying periods of time I have experienced.

In order to pursue my interest in photography, I’ve decided to launch a photo blog (or perhaps just convert this into one). It may take some time, but then again, that’s an ordeal for another post.