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So finally I was able to defend my M.S. thesis, “Visualizing Digital Collections at Archive-It”.

Archive-It, a subscription service from the Internet Archive, allows users to create, maintain, and view digital collections of web resources. The current interface of Archive-It is largely text-based, supporting drill-down navigation using lists of URIs. While this interface provides good searching capabilities, it is not very efficient for browsing. In the absence of keywords, a user has to spend large amount of time trying to locate a webpage of interest. In order to provide a better visual experience to the user, we have studied the underlying characteristics of Archive-It collections and implemented six different visualizations (treemap, time cloud, bubble chart, image plot, timeline and wordle), each highlighting one or more of the underlying characteristics of the collection. Archive-It supports grouping of webpages into categories, however, it does not enforce its usage. As a result there are many collections with missing or improper grouping. For such collections, we present a method of grouping webpages based on a set of pre-defined rules.

Here are the slides from my defense.

The following are direct links to the videos in the presentation :

Treemap: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJDrxQEEFYM
Timecloud: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYkI6aBO0to
Bubble Chart, Image Plot and Timeline: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j94clxqKQk8


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I was in Washington, DC the week of June 10, 2012 attending JCDL 2012.

A detailed summary of the conference has been put together on the official WS-DL blog of Web Science and Digital Libraries Research Group from Department of Computer Science, ODU by my colleague Hany SalahEldeen.

Here are my slides from the presentation.

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सो गया जग सारा,
वर्ग सारा सो गया,
अध्यापिका पढ़ा गई,
कक्षा हीं सारी सो गई |

प्रबंधन की शाला में,
बालको का ध्यान बाला में,
मनमुग्ध करने की कला में,
हर विद्यार्थी खो गए |

हाजिरी की इंतज़ार हुई,
बातें कुछ दो चार हुई,
शिक्षक की डांट बेकार हुई,
यह पहर भी पार हुई|

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Its exam time and exam is on my head. I ought to study, of course as I have an exam to write at 2 PM today. But here I am, sitting in front of the 15″ diagonal CRT at 6:30 AM and typing my 3rd post on my blog. So why am I not studying is the question, and like me, if you also are a regular final year engineering student, then you already know the answer.(You have to be a normal final year engineering graduate, not the nerdy types, but the normal ones to understand this.. :D).

It is really hard to understand why a computer science graduate should study about management in an organization. That’s for management students right? Wrong, because tomorrow, you might land up being offered the position of some manager in the IT company you worked for, and you happily take the raise (who wants to crunch keys all his life), and it is then that this subject is of some help to you.
But that will happen when it is supposed to. Till then why are we not being taught core branch subjects and forced to remember what studies were carried out by Woodward and Aston, and what 14 points were given by Deming? Didn’t Maslow give five basic needs of a professional? Ask any VTU student (I must say am oblivious to plight of students under any other university. I personally think that the engineers from elite colleges viz. IIT and NITs are spared from the torture of this subject called ‘Engg. and Tech Mgmt’ aka ETM.), and he’ll say that none of our needs are being satisfied. The university at the same time is doing its best in applying McGregor’s Theory X to motivate us towards studying this and I already see Coercive power being applied on us.

I started typing this post in order to spend some time as I wait for breakfast to be cooked in mess, and I thought I will talk about studying habits of boarders. However, it turns out that I have too much of ETM on my head right now. Well folks, its exam time after all, and you can’t expect anything else from someone who has spent entire last night studying Peter Drucker’s 8 points because like any other final year student, he too just relaxes by daylight and believes in burning the midnight oil (literally of course).

All the best.

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