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I have configured a custom location for photostream on my windows machine, since I don’t want to fill up my C drive. All this while, this seemed to work without any issues. However, recently after updating to iOS 7 and iCloud 3.0.3 my photostream stopped syncing on my windows machine. It was weird because while all my shared photo streams continued to sync, my “My Photostream” didn’t sync at all. I tried various things like re-installing iCloud Control Panel, resetting my phone etc., but nothing seem to work.

I noticed that in the new iCloud Control Panel 3.0.x, the default location for photostream is changed from “[User Documents]\Pictures\Photo Stream” to “[User Documents]\Pictures\iCloud Photos”. I suspected that developers in Cupertino must have overlooked some bugs in iCloud Control Pamel 3.0.x (as they did in iOS 7) which would have crept in because of the change in default location. I therefore tried the following experiment, and voila, my photostream started to sync again.

Basically, I created a junction link between “[User Documents]\Pictures\iCloud Photos” and the custom location where i wanted my photos to sync. Junction link is similar to a hard link in unix/linux machines. To create a junction link you should first sign out of any running instance of iCloud control panel and quit it. Then run the following commands at command prompt, and launch iCloud control panel again.

prompt>mkdir "[custom path]"
prompt>mklink /j "[User Documents]\Pictures\iCloud Photos" "[custom path]"

Problem solved! 🙂


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